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Bearly Thyme – Accessories and photos of dolls and teddy bears

Cryptids and Lore – Clothing and collectibles featuring cryptids and folklore

Dream Raven Awakenings – A metaphysical and spiritual shop for all faiths

Dream Raven Clocks – Clock repair, history, and new clock construction

Dream Raven Colors – Animal and dinosaur coloring books for all ages

Dream Raven Miniatures – Accessories for 1:6, 1:12, 1:16, and some 1:24 scale dollhouses

Dream Raven Station – Accessories and landscapes for model train sets

Dream Raven Toys – Handmade wooden toys and puzzles

Feathered Farm Friends – Domestic poultry and waterfowl clothing, accessories, and collectibles

Flying Geese Stitchery – New quilting designs, kits, and the history of heirloom patterns

Finned, Feathered, and Furred – Domestic and exotic pet clothing, accessories, and collectibles

Jewelry for the Earth – Eco-friendly jewelry made from coco, nuts, sustainable woods, and recycled glass

One Incredible World – Wildlife and nature clothing, accessories, and collectibles

Prehistoric Earth – Clothing, accessories, and toys featuring dinosaurs and other prehistoric animals

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