Welcome to Dream Raven Designs!

The Finned, Feathered, and Furred (the resin fish are available for sale here) catalog, Dream Raven Miniatures, and the Prehistoric Earth are being filled with goodies.

One Incredible World and Dream Raven Awakenings are still being finished but will be live soon.


Clothing, Sculptures, Jewelry, and Toys

Finned, Feathered, and Furred – Domestic and exotic pet clothing, accessories, and collectibles

One Incredible World – Wildlife and nature clothing, accessories, and collectibles

Prehistoric Earth – Clothing, accessories, and toys featuring dinosaurs and other prehistoric animals



Dream Raven Miniatures – Accessories for 1:6, 1:12, 1:16, and some 1:24 scale dollhouses



Dream Raven Awakenings – A metaphysical and spiritual shop for all faiths