Stalking Bigfoot(-less)

A foot-less Bigfoot should probably have his own species designation, but since it’s only a temporary situation, I think it’s safe to call him a regular ol’ Sasquatch. As I mentioned earlier on Facebook, I’m working on a set of cute cryptozoology toys for all ages, and despite my better judgement, I decided to start with Sasquatch.


Despite the added complexity of Sasquatch being humanoid, I needed to establish the larger end of the toy line before making some of Sasquatch’s smaller friends like the jackalope and chupacabra.

The critters aren’t going to be to scale–some like Nessie and the kraken would either have to be monstrous (perhaps appropriate) or others might require a magnifying glass to sculpt–but I do want them all to look good together, so Sasquatch seemed a good place to start. Besides, like me, he’s a local to the Pacific Northwest.


I’ve just started Sasquatch’s rough sculpt, and as you might have noticed in this post’s featured image, he is currently short his iconic feet (I saved him the indignity of showing that again in the above photo). I’ll be sculpting those, his hair, and his flower (because of course Sasquatch picks flowers…though not within the boundaries of a national park, of course) after his base structure and face are finished.

The final sculpt will be molded and cast in resin after I finish up a few other critters. The jackalope is going to be next because I adore jackalopes, especially alongside a giant like Sasquatch.

What are some of your favorite cryptozoology critters?


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